We knew then…

In either case, the leadership of these firms have relied on us for over a decade to provide the senior people they need to compete successfully. They trust us because we have delivered for them…again and again for nearly 20 years.

Recruiting great, senior-level people is not getting any easier. So we have structured our business to give our most experienced recruiters time to build relationships with key people…often over many years. We endeavour to build trusting relationships with prominent, accomplished individuals who have demonstrated leadership and also with high potential individuals on steep trajectories.

We know now…

But don’t all search firms have access to the same information in this age of professional and social networking sites? So what is it that separates the performance of some recruitment firms from others?

For us, it’s around seeing things through a long term lens. From our research, to our extraordinary network, to our trusting relationships, to our appetite for the hard work that goes into search, everything we do is in the long term interests of our clients.

And we don’t accept failure on any search.

Happily, it turns out that our clients and candidates appreciate this approach.